BHP Education Partnership - Early Years

Onslow Primary School would like to advise our community that as part of the recently announced BHP Pilbara Education Partnership, we will be strengthening our supports in the Early Years using a coordinated approach.

The Early Years strategy focus of the BHP Pilbara Education Partnership 2021 to 2023, is to prepare children to be ready for school through provision of a coordinated approach to services and early intervention to address areas of concern.  Across a range of agencies and organisations, the Partnership will coordinate specialist services to deliver targeted support for successful early engagement with school.  The Partnership will also support some primary schools to implement Early Learning Programs, and will coordinate ongoing monitoring of school aged children, four to eight years of age; supporting children to continue to be engaged and effective learners.

We are very excited to inform our school community that Onslow Primary School is planning to deliver an on-site 3 year old Early Learning Program, proudly supported by BHP.  We are currently in the development phase, and look forward to providing more information once planning has progressed.

If you have any further enquiries please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Jackie Barry

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