Career Tasting with Secondary

Onslow School has been very fortunate to have several organisations come to our school to talk to our high-schoolers, and in particular our Year 9-12s, about future career opportunities.

MinRes came on Tuesday 29 August.  It was eye-opening to see how many different jobs are available to ensure that a mine site gets up and running and stays productive... It was also great that they reinforced the message that it is okay that the students didn't know what they wanted to do yet, that they would have many differenct experiences when they left school and that everything that they did would help them to become well-rounded individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.

On Wednesday 13 August the School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) Mini Roadshow came to Onslow School.  All the Year 7-12 students rotated through three stations - carpentry, sound engineering and rigging and scaffolding.  Hearing about their career journey to their current stage of life was awe-inspiring.  

Compass Cooking has been coming to Onslow School to do sessions with the Year 4 students and now they are coming to our school to do some lessons with our Year 9-11s.  Eamon Donnelly has promised to bring his sushi Chef for one of the sessions - our students are really excited about this as they LOVE sushi!!!  Eamon will be talking about careers in the food / hospitality industy and food preperation techniques. Our students are so eager to participate in these sessions with a professional.

Four students from Year 10-12 attended the Resume and Cover Letter Workshop on Monday 18 September that was being hosted by OCCI.  They learned how to write / update their own resume and create a cover letter by qualified 'Jobs and Skills Centre' staff.

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