This year at Onslow School, each class will have one lesson of Art per week with the Art teacher in the purpose-built classroom.

Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of mediums, such as paint, crayons, and clay to create 3D artworks to be fired in the kiln.

During NAIDOC week students will host an Art exhibition in the centre of the school grounds and will have a visiting artists drop by to help judge the artworks.

Semester one is focused on Visual Arts and Semester 2 Performing Arts.

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This year at Onslow School, Science has a strong focus on Two-Way Science which is where local Aboriginal knowledge meets Western Science.

Aboriginal Australians are our first scientists and have an amazing knowledge of country that students will be able to learn about this year. Two-way science will (when the weather is suitable) be done outside on country.

Each class will have one lesson of Two-Way Science per week with AIEO, Science teacher and local community members when possible.

During term 1Students have focused one 4 native trees in the school grounds and completed many activities to do with these trees for e.g., uses (tools, food, medicine, sheleter), plant and animal adaptations, classifying using genus and observations and investigations such as why do animals burrow and which bardi grub is the stretchiest?

Below are some links to show Two-Way Science in Action and one of the main resources we use, Two-way Science: An Integrated Learning Program for Aboriginal Desert Schools. 

Two-way Science Initiative | Education Resources

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