Swans Onslow Term 1 Activities

Swans Onslow are proud to support Onslow School in providing additional opportunities for local children and their families. With Chevron Australia’s support, Swans’ focus is steadfast on improving the lives of the people in the community through creating greater engagement in education, improving health and wellbeing, and enhancing community connections, all leading to increased opportunity.


Swans Onslow staff are an integral part of the community and deliver daily programs for 0–9-year-olds (Early Years), while the Youth Shed is home to Swans’ youth programs for 10–17-year-olds.


Each activity is implemented with the intent to influence one or more of five key dimensions: physical health, mental health, individual development, social and community development and access to opportunities (environment). These dimensions have been demonstrated through empirical evidence to reduce the likelihood of young people engaging in at-risk behaviours, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and have also been shown to reduce contact with the justice system.


For more information contact the Swans Onslow team via email – onslow@swandistrictsfc.com





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