Students are able to order school lunches from Thalanyji Service Station.

Orders need to be placed by 9.30am each day and placed in the ‘order box’ in the classroom.  It would be appreciated to have the correct money with each order.

Please see Menu below;

School Lunch Menu

Fresh Sandwich or Wrap (with salads) – $7


Toasties – $7

Bacon & Egg
Chicken & Cheese
Ham & Cheese

Sauce Selections

Mayonnaise, Tomato or BBQ

Juice Box (250ml) – $2.50

How to Order

  1. Collect lunch bags from xxxxxxxx
  2. Write your order clearly and on lunch bag and if possible, please include the correct money inside the lunch bag
  3. Students are to place their lunch bag order in the order box supplied in classrooms

Please note, lunch orders received after 9:30am will not be processed

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