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Onslow School is committed to ensuring the success for all students and this is apparent in the teaching and learning practices that are adopted by our staff.  Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) practices maintain a safe and orderly learning environment where staff reinforce positive behaviour through different approaches.  The individual, class and whole-school rewards are something that are highly valued by students.

Friendly Schools Plus is the core program for social and emotional learning in the primary setting.  This contributes to a friendly and supportive school culture by promoting positive peer relationships, teacher-child relationships and explicit teaching of emotions, social knowledge and social skills. The intended outcomes for your child is manage themselves, develop resilience, and to feel positive about themselves.  The commitment to personal and social capability is a foundation for learning and for citizenship.

Our curriculum content is guided by the Western Australian Curriculum that is available through the governing body School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).  We have a focus on phonic knowledge in the early years with an understanding that this is the foundation for reading practices.  As your child progresses through primary they will move from a phonics based program to spelling.  Mathematics, following a whole school sope and sequence, places a focus on students working flexibly with numbers using Number Talks along with interpreting worded problems with the RUCSAC model.

We are also privileged with the learning of the Aboriginal language, Yinjibarndi, along with Two Way Science as a way of learning about our local community through an Aboriginal perspective.  We are proud to be learning on country and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the country on which we work and learn, the Thalanyji First Nations people. Onslow School staff seek.

With a diverse student demographic all staff continue to embrace culturally responsive and inclusive practices. The Learning Support Coordinator has a key role in supporting students with neurodiverse needs. Our Aboriginal Islander and Education Officer (AIEO) connects our school with community and families and leads initiatives to build a culturally safe place.

An important aspect of your child’s success at school is linked to parent-school partnerships.  Talking with your child’s teacher and taking the opportunity to viist your child’s classroom during Open Classroom and being involved in a number of other school events are key ways of supporting your child.

Attendance is another key factor for your child’s success as shown by research. Regular attendance is attributed to academic success and social connection which are key aspects of positive school experience.  Communication between home and school is vital in understanding for your child’s attendance and where needed to provide support.

Onslow School’s partnerships support a number of initiatives. Waalitj Foundation assistance with our connection to families and with the pick-up and drop-off of students.  The provision of incentive programs and other opportunities is a highly valued by the children and families. Further partners enhance our school environment the learning of your child.  This may be learning about mangroves or being part of resilience building programs or involved in cooking lessons. There are many opportunities for your child’s learning that are beyond the traditional curriculum.

We welcome your family to the Onslow School Community and know that it will be a highly rewarding experience.

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