BHP Pilbara Education Partnership


About the Partnership

Key objectives of the Partnership are to:

• Improve education opportunities and generate greater value for students in the Pilbara.
• Improve life outcomes for young people in the Pilbara.
• Improve attraction and retention of families in the Pilbara.
• Offer children the opportunity to start school better prepared.
• Offer youth the opportunity to approach the future better prepared.
• Provide positive life outcomes for students.
• Increase range of opportunities which complement what students/young people already access.
• Accelerate the impact of current learning programs in Pilbara schools.


The Early Years

The Early Years strategy focuses on a strengthened community-based approach to ensuring all students start school well-prepared. This aspect targets children’s readiness for school by provision of a coordinated approach to engaging families and children with important services and early intervention to address areas of developmental concern, as highlighted by the AEDC 2018. This strategy supports children aged: 0 to 3 years – ensuring children are assessed and achieve developmental milestones that prepare them for schooling.

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