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About the Partnership

Thanks to Chevron Australia, Onslow School is employing additional teachers and education assistants to increase student support and achievement.

The partnership, which has spanned more than a decade, focuses on literacy and numeracy outcomes, as well as the delivery of speech therapy and student access to social and emotional programs.

The support allows the school to better cater for individual student needs and provide a more personalised approach to education.


The Chevron Pilbara Ear Health Program, delivered by Telethon Speech & Hearing, visits the school every term and offers a free hearing and ear health screening check for students. A screener performs some general tests which may include looking in your child’s ear with an ear light, plus giving your child two quick examinations to measure how well the ear is working plus performing a basic hearing test.  Ear disease can cause hearing loss, and hearing loss stops children accessing education.   Ear disease is significantly higher among Aboriginal children and has life long consequences without early prevention and treatment.

As an extension of the Chevron Ear Health program, TSH provides speech and occupational therapy to our 4-8 year old students who are not meeting their age-appropriate milestones, ensuring they receive wrap-around supports tailored to their individual needs. The multi-mode approach to therapy, delivered by TSH’s allied health team, will see our students gain access to in-class screenings, assessments, group and individual therapy sessions in addition to teacher and parent education, mentoring and training sessions. The service provisions work in synergy with the existing supports provided by TSH’s audiologists and is one of the only integrated, school-based programs in the state.

For more information about the program please contact Telethon Speech and Hearing on 9387 9888.

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