Breakfast Program

Breakfast Program is up and running again for 2024!  All students are welcome to join Mr Billy from 7:45am in the Home Economic Room. Thank you once again to our wonderful sponsors FoodBank and Thalanyji.

Got to school, Go to the pool

Onslow School is proud to partner with the Shire of Ashburton to implement the “Go to School, Go to the Pool” strategy with the aim of improving school wide attendance.

New classroom names at Onslow School

Onslow School students have been busy creating pictures for classroom door signs, the winning entries were selected by Ms Campbell and Mr Yates.

Student fundraising continues to help Angkor Project

o date have donated money to enable the purchase of a desktop computer & printer, electricity connection, 4 book closets, plastic tables for the kindy, playground renovations, renovation of the library, fans, wooden desks & chairs, as well as a whiteboards and ink for their printer.

Morning Run Club

Staying motivated can sometimes be tricky for our young ones, so parents are welcome to come and support their child’s fitness journey by participating in the training sessions alongside them.